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Bathtubs that have been fully reglazed  are warranted for a period of 10 years, on a prorated basis as set forth below, against peeling or other failure of adhesion of refinishing materials due to workmanship. Chip repairs, drain repairs, or tub bottom repairs  that are not part of a full reglaze are warranted for a period of ONE YEARagainst failure of adhesion ( The 10 year warranty shall be prorated over the 10 years on an annual basis with changes in the prorated  amount occurring on the anniversary date of the purchase. (HOMEOWNER MUST BE ABLE TO PROVIDE A COPY OF INVOICE WITH THE DATE AND PRICE OF JOB COMPLETED) During the first year the coverage will be 100% and will reduce by 10% per year thereafter.   ALL WARRANTY WORK WILL INCUR A $100 TIME, TRAVEL AND MATERIAL FEE PLUS THE PRORATED % DETERMINED BY THE PRICE AND DATE ON THE INVOICE. LABOR IS FREE OF CHARGE.
The following conditions will void your warranty:

* Removal of the drain sleeve after the bathtub is reglazed may result in breaking the seal of the coating and pre mature failure. Please consult with Ken Wilshire (Owner of All America Fine Finishes) for your options BEFORE we reglaze your bathtub.
* The use of a bathmat (A slip resistant surface can be installed at the time of the full reglaze or refurbish)
* The fixture must not be used for water storage or contain standing water for extended periods of time.
* Damage caused by continuous wetness from leaking or dripping plumbing.
* Damage: Chips or nicks caused by sharp or falling objects or by misuse ( ALL AMERICA FINE FINISHES WILL MAKE THE DETERMINATION)
* Staining or discoloration from chemicals, bleaches, rust, hair dyes or the use of abrasive cleaners.
* The use of abrasive cleaners.
 * Movement in the substructure resulting in cracks or splits in the refinished surface.
* Degradation of the refinished surface caused by lack of cleaning.
*Putting masking tape or any other adhesive on the refinished surface.
* Change of property status (switch from private to commercial or rental) without notification.

In the event of any failure covered under this warranty, All America Fine Finishes  will, AT IT'S OWN OPTION,
1) Repair the failed area,
2) Refinish the entire fixture
3) refund the price of the job to you, prorated as set forth above if applicable.

Caulk, plumbing and shower doors are not warranted. Travel charges may apply if the fixture is located out of our service area. If any problems occur, All America Fine Finishes  must be notified within 72 hours or warranty may be voided.

CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Use only non abrasive, liquid cleaners on your refinished surface. Cleaner must not contain bleach or chlorine. We recommend scrubbing bubbles.
Any cleaning utensil that is safe on Teflon may be used.

The standard color used by All america Fine Finishes  is China White AKA: Kohler White.
Any custom color requires tinting and must be selected and approved 10 business days prior to your appointment date. Additional charges of $100 will apply and any warranty issue may constitute customer paying  another custom color fee.

We are not plumbers.
We are not trained, licensed or authorized to do plumbing. We  may, under certain circumstances find it necessary to remove or loosen handles, spouts, drain pieces or overflow covers. In those cases we will not  be responsible if  the age or general decay of pipes or fixtures make it  impossible to repair.
Bathtubs must stay at a constant temperature of 70 degrees for 24 hours after refinishing is complete for proper cure . DO NOT USE the fixture before  this time and make sure that the fixture remains dry.
Warranty is transferrable during the first year. All America Fine Finishes must be notified by the new owners within 90 days of purchase or warranty will be voided.
Due on completion of work we accept check, cash or credit card.
Thank you,
Ken Wilshire
Owner / Operator of  All America Fine Finishes

      (913) 850-3308

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