porcelain bathtub strip & reglaze

a brand new high gloss, ultra durable, synthetic porcelain coating. your bathtub will look and feel like it came straight

out of the factory. we remove all old caulk and replace it with a premium long lasting product that won't mold or

mildew like silicone will. this process takes about 6 hours and your tub is back in service 24 hours after that. we offer a 4 hour quick dry coating for a minimal additional charge.

10 year warranty, but will last 15-20 years if cared for.

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Porcelain Bathtub Refinishing In Kansas City / All America Fine Finishes / KS & MO

if your bathtub has been refinished before and/or anything is peeling off of it, then it will have to be stripped back down to the original porcelain before it can be reglazed and given our 10 year warranty. call now for a quick quote and consultation. (913) 850-3308

(913) 850-3308

a proprietary deep cleaning and restoration process of the original porcelain. this is a perfect solution for a tub with minimal damage to the rim, sidewalls and apron. any damage in the bottom and/or the drain can be easily repaired and then a slip resistant surface coating applied in the shape of a uniform bathmat. we also remove and replace caulk just like with a full reglaze. below are video examples of our bathtub refurbish process with and without the tub bottom repair. this

process is done in about 4 hours and tub is back in service that evening. lifetime warranty of original porcelain.

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