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after aerospace epoxy primer

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we will come to your home and refurbish or refinish the inside only of your porcelain

clawfoot bathtub.

click on the bathtubs tab to see our 10 step refinishing process.

(if you need diy instructions for refinishing the outside of your porcelain clawfoot tub we will be happy to provide those free of charge.)

we have three requirements that have to be met before my helper and i can do the job right:

1. All renovation has to be completed. no drywall dust, no saw dust,no open walls. the house has to be cleaned like you are showing it for sale.

2. The tub needs to be sitting in place with a working drain and the faucet removed.

3. no one else can be working at the house the day we do the job.



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we periodically have porcelain clawfoot bathtubs for sale. these tubs have been fully refinished in our shop with extensive mechanical and chemical preparation before being reglazed. we give a 10 year written warranty.

 (click on the bathtubs tab to see the 10 step

process we use for reglazing the inside of a tub )

Here is the 5 step process for refinishing the outside of a porcelain clawfoot bathtub  at our shop:

1. The body and feet of these tubs get stripped and sandblasted as needed.

2. any large pitting is filled and sanded.

3. we brush and roll a coat of marine grade rust inhibitor.

4. we spray 3 coats of an aerospace epoxy primer.

5.we spray 3 coats of the same china white synthetic porcelain glaze that we spray on the inside of a tub.

6. we also refinish some of our tubs with a polished stone coating on the outside ( see photos below.)

note: The original cast iron on the outside of these old tubs have a semi-rough stipple on them. After 7 coats of material being applied, the surface is very nice, very sealed and alot smoother; but not a mirror finish.

we give a written lifetime no peel warranty on all the outside finishes of our clawfoot bathtubs we sell. 

call to see what tubs we have in stock:   (913) 850-3308

after a polished stone coating

clawfoot bathtubs for sale

after china white glaze

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