My name is ken Wilshire. I'm the owner and

operator ofall America fine finishesI'm also

a trained and certified topkote pro refinisher.

I have been in the construction industry since

1979 and a painting contractor since 1998. I do

all bathtub refinishing work myself (with a helper)

like I have for years. unlike hourly paid techs who

try and tackle several jobs a day to make a

living, we focus on one home owner and their 

bathtub each day. this Ensures we have the

needed time necessary for extensive mechanical

and chemical preparation to do the job right.

 without going this extra mile of hard work we

could not offer our industry leading 10 year

written warranty. however all of our finishes

 do last 15-20 years if cared for. ask about our

lifetime bathtub warranty. call now for a quick quote

and consultation. (913) 850-3308

1. we remove all old caulk from the perimeter of the bathtub.


2. we remove all build up of soap scum, body oils, shampoo, conditioner, dirt, rust and mineral deposits from the bathtub with our proprietary deep cleaning and restoration process. 

3.we scrub and wet sand the bathtub with two highly effective (plumbing safe)mild acid cleaners. this ensures the removal of ALL bacteria from the pores of the porcelain and helps provide a mechanical bond.


4. we thoroughly dry the bathtub and perimeter gap with powerfully heated turbine air. without this equipment and critical DRYING  step, there would be moisture left behind at a molecular level which would cause the coating and perimeter seal to fail.

5. we apply a crosslink bonding agent and fill all chips, scratches and anomalies with a marine grade filler. (any damage larger than dime size may incur additional charges)


6. We set up a state of the art ventilation system that removes all fumes and overspray from inside the house.

7.we extensively mask off the entire work area for added protection against overspray.

8. we apply a Crosslink adhesive that chemically bonds our glaze to the tub.

9.we spray 3 top coats of a premium synthetic  (low odor-low voc) porcelain glaze through a  5 stage hvlp turbine heated system. this produces a beautiful ultra shiny glass like finish that will last for many years to come.

10. we remove masking and ventilation equipment then re caulk the perimeter of the bathtub  with phenoseal. (a premium vinyl waterproof sealant that will last longer

 and not mold or mildew like silicone.)


all America fine finishes

830 s. 11th street

Kansas city, Kansas 66105

call foR quick quote

          (913) 850-3308


       (913) 850-3308

all America fine finishes

we do only - what we do better : 

porcelain bathtub rePAIR AND REFINISHING



​          ($50 VALUE)

All America fine finishes

bathtub refinishing

extensive 10 step Process:



we love providing our specialized porcelain bathtub refinishing 
services to the friendly folks of:
Kansas city, Ks.| Kansas city, Mo.| johnson county, ks.shawnee, ks.|north Kansas city, mo.overland park, Ks.leawood, ks.| roeland park, ks.| prairie village, ks.| Lenexa, ks.| olathe, ks.| raytown, mo.| independence, mo.| lee's summit, mo.| blue springs, mo.| liberty, mo.| leavenworth, ks.| bonnersprings, ks.| Desoto, ks.| and we've
gone as far as the lake of the Ozarks!  

the bottom line is that we are the best bathtub refinishers in kansas city with the best warranty.  we are a two man team that concentrate on only doing what we do best and that is porcelain  bathtub REPAIR AND REFINISHING. instead of trying to do multiple things to earn a living we do 2 things only and we do them very well. why settle for less than the best? we may not be the cheapest and you may have to wait 2 weeks or more but its better than paying someone to spray something on your bathtub that is going to peel off in no time and then have to call us to strip the inferior product  back off and refinish it again the right way. do yourself and your family a favor and call us now for a quick quote and we will get you on the schedule. (913) 850-3308  

All America Fine Finishes
830 South 11th StreetKansas City, KS66105
Phone: (913) 850-3308
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